Guess the Jar App

Join effort by Andrew Lee who programmed this in Unity and myself being the game designer. I thought of a simple game where you guess the marbles in a jar, and Andrew made it happen. Check it out!

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Google Play Store

Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe

I created all the simulations and graphs for this book by my neighbor and friend Jeff. I used Xcode and Swift command line to just spit out plain CSV. I learned a lot about blackjack for sure.

Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe on Amazon

Magnetic Particles for tvOS

My side project this month, I had 2 goals in mind: create my first tvOS app, learn Metalkit share programming language. To run 1 million particles you pretty much have no choice but to use the power of the GPU and thats where “Metal” comes in. Apple’s OpenGL replacement, meant to be close to the “metal” of the GPU. What’s interesting about this is that GPU and CPU can share the same memory space which speeds things up quite a bit. I can easily run 1.5 million particles on my 9.7″ iPad Pro, but my generation 1 Apple TV does well with 100K particles. Either way it’s an interesting way of sending computing power to a graphics processor. This works for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. Check it out 🙂 Hardware Experiment

Everyday I wake up I get the weather from Siri, one day I thought, the weather is public information why do I have to do through my phone just to see it. It should be on the wall clock, the bathroom, or inside the closet where I need it. That’s when my idea for came in, a small WiFi display that shows any type of information from the internet including weather, stocks, sports, pictures, tweets, yelp, facebook and more. Still not sure about the market potential but I learned alot, electronics, embedded chip programming, 3D printing design, and ReactJS for the web. Let me know what you think about this idea, thanks!





Tip Split – Simple Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter

My latest app is ready on the app store. It’s the most advanced tip calculator and bill splitter app in the app store. It can split in unequal shares between couples, groups and individuals. It’s the simple version of Tip Magic.