The Flash Apocalypse hello Corona & HTML5!

It’s the beginning of the end for Flash. Steve Jobs had predicted the future and there is no future for it. Sure, they may say everything is fine, it’s just the mobile plugin, but the mere announcement has spelled the end. Just like announcing that Pepsi is getting out of the soft-drink part of their business. What would investors do the next day? It will all go downhill (not molehill) from here, it is a Flash Apocalypse. The zombies will be all the former Flash programmers wandering aimlessly with no work and not willing to adapt. The roaches survived the blast and can adapt to new tools and languages. All the big companies, consultants and script kiddies and now soiling themselves, whining that they have to learn something new. Like me for example. But fear not, there are alternatives out there that boast even easier programming languages, and two HTML5 game creators that require no programming, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Corona SDK uses the Lua programming language and has a great track record so far, and almost daily updates of new builds. New features popup every day, your app can keep up with the times. Their apps have earned top spot in various appstores, and they are growing more and more.

HTML5 is what Steve Jobs predicted would take over, shall we doubt him again? There are two HTML5 game creator tools that I found while researching called GameSalad and GameMaker HTML5 are in the mix. They boast NO programming, where you can run actors through a logic flowchart. And it looks like they will compile native to mobile devices too. The advantage over Corona is that these games will also be playable on the web, a big plus for advertising revenues.

So put away your tissue box and toss those AS3 books. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on. We don’t know who will win yet, so go with your gut/research and pick a side. You still have faith in Flash? Try Corona SDK? Or take a risk on HTML5? All will cost you the learning curve and your precious time, but you have no choice. In the Flash Apocalypse, are you the zombie or the roach? 🙂

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