Kindle Fire vs iPad First Impressions

Well I got my Kind Fire today. I don’t have much experience dealing with Android because I have an iPad 1, so my review is seen through that prism. The only Android experience I have is a Motorola Cliq that was obsoleted at around 6 months after I bought it, it’s buggy and annoying. I need the Kindle Fire to test out some apps I made, and I enjoy the Amazon bookstore. For the device, I like the style, the rubberized backing, screen looks great. It has no interface buttons except for the power button. Size is pretty nice you can hold both edges with one hand, a good size for reading. Tried the mandatory “Angry Birds” app, which is basically the “Hello World” of app installs. I’ve played with it for about an hour and here are my thoughts, especially compared to iPad 1 or 2.

  1. The Kindle fire is slower than an iPad 1, when you compare the touch responsiveness Android vs IOS, iOS always wins for some reason. Sometimes you have to do a double touch because you believe that what you did before didn’t go through. Scrolling and dragging should be as close to 1-to-1 as possible, so you don’t feel like your lagging in an FPS.

  2. Screen rotation/orientation feels buggy. On an iPad the screen looks like its physically rotating to fix itself, but on Android it just plops on most apps like the browser.

  3. Power button is too close to the other ports. I’ve accidently turned it off while plugging in the USB cord. It’s easily hit.

  4. You NEED a home button on the front just like the iPad! It’s nice that the front is just a screen, it’s minimalist. But when you just want to get the heck out of an app you need that one button that will save you. It’s possible to get stuck in an app if it doesnt reveal that bottom bar.

  5. Browser seems buggy. I went to the Android API docs and couldn’t scroll an iFrame. Pinch zooming was also not 1-to-1 and laggy.

  6. iOS has much better core app suite then Kindle Fire. Calendar, Notes, Contact, Youtube, Photos are just better designed and more useful.

IN CONCLUSION, if this is Kindle Fire vs iPad, iPad definitely wins even the iPad1. If your talking about a nice, inexpensive little tablet with connections to Amazon, then it will do. It will be interesting to see how it grows on everyone, then maybe they can make Kindle 2 more of a power house. Too bad Android is just not primetime yet.

BTW, if you look real close on the upper left corner of your Kindle Fire it looks like a camera, what is that? Hmmmm, one can always hope ….

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