Let the Appstore Approval Race begin!

Amazon has approved my app for regular Android (not Kindle Fire) on 1/30/2012, 5 days.
Apple approved my app on 2/2/2012, 11 days.
Nook rejected my app because it says it does not accept ads, on 1/31/2012, 6 days 🙁

I’m making a couple of simple slider puzzles to gain more experience while I work on a bigger Corona project that is just taking too much time, because of Corona related curiousities. This is the second slide puzzle I’ve made, but I’ve noticed one guy has a megaton of these sliders. But it’s okay, mine are a little more fancy and light, where many others seem like a business app.

I’ve submitted at almost the exact same time to Android Market, Amazon Appstore, Nook Apps and Apple Appstore. So who will win the big approval race? First Android has no approval so it already won, next I’m betting Apple, then Amazon, then Nook. Nook won’t even take the APK until they approve the metadata so I’m guessing it will be the longest. Here is my predictions.

1. Android Market – immediate!
2. Apple Appstore – 2 weeks
3. Amazon Appstore – 1 month for Android then 1 week for Kindle Fire
4. Nook Apps – Unknown? But guessing one month.

Will Valentine Slider make it by Valentine’s Day Feb 14th? Will I get rejected? Stay tuned for the next episode!

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