Working with AIR and TestFlight

I had a hard time understanding this error as it pertains to Adobe Flash AIR, I finally figured it out and decided to share it with the world. If you see this error:

“Invalid IPA: The get-task-allow values in the embedded.mobileprovision and your binary don’t match. Are you sure you created the IPA with the same type of certificate as the one you used to compile it?”

You can fix it by going to Publish Settings > Deployment > Certificate. That certificate should be your distribution certificate NOT your development certificate. Also “iOS deployment type” should be set to “Deployment – Ad hoc”. Also remember any device that you add must be in your list of iTunes test devices, then you have to check them off for each provisioning profile and download them again. It’s a pain, hopefully this helps someone. I’ll put up more detailed instructions later.


  1. cheslau says:

    Hi! I have the same issue. I use flash builder. And i compile with distribution certificate. Then when i upload to testflight -i get this error. But when i compile with dev certificate i dont get any error. My client cannot install my app, but my colleagues can. Maybe it has to do with devices?

    If you have an answer please email me or comment here or smth. We failed deadlines 5 days ago =(

  2. T says:

    The answer depends on a lot. In test flight you have to add the client under people. They have to click the link in their email and join test flight, register their device. Then u have to get their device id and goto apple and add their device id. Then u have to update the provisioning profile and check off that new device. Download that new provisioning profile and update that app build with it in testflight. Test flight installs afterwards should go more smoothly. It should work but Im not sure this is ur problem without specifics.