Experiments in 3D Printing

I did some experimentation with 3D printing from Shapeways. These are my own personal creations. Penny is there for size comparison.

The black thing is a part that was missing from my car, its supposed to be a door lock grommet, too bad my wife already found the spare parts for cheap. But it was an improvement to the existing one because it slightly locked down and grabbed tighter than the real thing, the existing one kept popping off. I used a caliper to precisely measure it and made slight improvements using Google Sketchup, a free and simple 3D modeling tool.

The white shell thing is my own design, a jewelry based on the golden ratio. It’s two golden ratio spirals connected together and flipped. It came out pretty cool, and it has a hole through the top so it can be worn like a necklace. The detail of the smaller inner spirals got lost, but the general idea is there. This was printed in simple white plastic, but I intended it for glossy white glass or white ceramic. It needs a leather cord, kind of like beach jewelry. I might try wearing it one day for fun.

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