3D Is Not Ready? $77 PVC Connector

I created a special 5-way PVC pipe connector. If I were to print this out it would cost me $77 at Shapeways under their cheapest plastic material. So I need about 36 of these, yikes! More evidence that 3D is just not ready for prime time. I have 3 options if I were to go through with this project. 1) Print in 3D and blow through $2772 dollars. 2) Print just 1, make 1 rubber mold, 36 plastics with the mold. 3) Buy my own 3D printer for about $600 and a bit for filament. I will probably go with #3, and possibly #2. I’m also guessing with fitting errors I will probably need at least 3 iterations of this model to get it just right.

BTW, the measurements for this model was based on a 3 way PVC connector I bought at Home Depot for just $0.75, so if this were made the same way I’m guessing it would be a about $1.50.


  1. Paul Furgess says:

    Yikes. Why don’t you just check out Formufit (formufit.com). They already make these for a couple bucks each. Of course it depends on what size you need.

    • T says:

      Ah formufit is a great site, I will definitely see if I can leverage it. But the connector I’m making is at a special angle that I need, I also plan to modify the design a bit to support other things. Thx!