Nodebots Day 2013 Las Vegas

It was the first Nodebots Day in Vegas at InNEVation Center. Since I had programmed in server-side NodeJS and got this meetup in my email I decided to give it a try. My teammate and I created Handlebar Mustache Bot, a sumobot junior with a thick popsicle stick plow (hipster stache) to scoop his enemies. It was made with 2 servos and an Arduino. It managed to get to 2nd place, due to special controller software my partner hacked it to recognize key-ups by routing commands through socketio and then through a web browser. So normally if you pressed left it would stay left until you hit space to stop it, but since a browser has a key-up event we could use that to stop automatically. So we had a software advantage and got into 2nd place. The 1st place winner was a electronics teacher. So it was a fun day, I learned a lot, and I got to try some electronics and programming together!

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