Simple NodeJS Crypto and AS3Crypto Equivalent

There is very little documentation. It took me two days to get NodeJS Crypto and AS3Crypto to spit out the same results. The encryption algorithm I chose may not be the best, and there is no IV, but atleast I can get Node and AS3 communicating properly with encryption. I’ll find something better like ‘aes192’ but ‘des-ecb’ is working fine and is what I’ll stick with for now as I get my project up and running. Googling for this is hard, hopefully this will help someone out there. Please leave a comment if it helped you so I know I’m not wasting my time posting all these code bits up thx!

Key = 12345678
Text = Hello World
Encrypted = 01Jk6AecyqldguNoHIO7dw==
Decrypted = Hello World

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