Postmortem Flying Girl for Indiecade 2013

This is a project I’ve been working on for a few months last year. It was meant to be submitted to IndieCade independent game festival, but it didn’t quite make it. Although the judge liked the idea of a strong female character, there was probably too much competition in 2013. I wanted it to have full color puppetted(?) animation like in Blade of Muramasa, but it was quite expensive so I decided to go a black silhouette style (possibly it’s downfall?).

I consider this a learning project. My philosophy is that if I’m going to learn something always try to make something reasonably attainable, and useful so it can serve another purpose, not just learned and thrown away. Matrix Rampage was my very first Flash game, where I learned Flash and made something cool at the same time. So in this case I always wanted to try to submit to a game contest or festival. I still can use its game engine in the future and I’ve already salvaged the tools I made for other purposes.

For Flying Girl I learned a lot of the Starling Framework, which taught me mobile gaming concepts. It’s the first time I had to deal with sprite sheets on a large scale. I also learned iMovie on a Mac and made this trailer, voiceover thanks to British lady on Fiverr:

Flying Girl Trailer – Indie Game from Digital Vizions on Vimeo.

Flying Girl is an unusual story about a girl who can fly. She is angry at God and has to kill demons to become an angel so that she can talk to him and find out if he is real. There is way more to this story, it’s been brewing in my mind since I was in my teens. It’s a novel I want to write someday, which will be the reason for my next learning project …

The title screen

A blurred crow flies by, I was particularly happy with this

Tutorial in the beginning, purple arrows indicate enemy locations

Fighting in the game, has meters appear briefly on every hit

Some great sketch art of Flying Girl

Menu screen for selecting upgrades

A made a quick Flash tool to parse data for animation, attack and body frames

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