Apple Watch Disappointed and Optimistic!

September 9th there was “One More Thing…” and that was the iWatch or Apple Watch. A slightly bulbous device that comes in a variety metal, straps and faces. It was a great day for Apple to release a new product category for their company.

But for us consumers, it is a bit disappointing. It’s difficult to justify the $350+ watch when your phone is nearby, and the phone is supposedly required for the watch to function properly. Hopefully soon we will know what are its limits and what it can do without the phone nearby. If it can at least show the time while away that might be good enough for me as I step away from my desk.

In the future it will no doubt become slimmer and gain new features like a camera and phone. Then eventually it will become untethered from your phone, as was the iPhone to your computer. Only time will tell …

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