CS5.5 JSFL convert selected to bitmaps

For all you CS5.5 mobile guys out there. When I try to “Convert to Bitmap” on multiple objects it will lump them all together to one bitmap, usually not what you want. When I heard of this feature I thought it would be great if it could convert an entire timeline to one bitmap each but that’s not how it works. With the below JSFL you can select multiple objects, even using the multiframe option, and convert each one individually to bitmaps. This will convert all the effects (glows, dropshadows) to bitmap which can allow you to keep your effects in GPU mode. I recommend to stay with AIR2.6 for GPU mode for now. Nothing is faster than GPU mode, but if you have dynamic text or effects you can’t use it.

//Convert all selected objects to bitmap individually
//By T.Suriyathep 6/28/2011
if(fl.getDocumentDOM().selection.length==0) { //Nothing selected
  alert("You must select elements on stage!");
else { //Select and convert one at a time
  var sel=new Array();
  for(i=0;i<fl.getDocumentDOM().selection.length;i++) {
  for(i=0;i<sel.length;i++) {
  alert("All selected converted to bitmap!");

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