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Quillsong: Write Your Novel Online

Quillsong, a Vegas Tech Funded web-app to help bring your work of fiction to life. Would work great for NaNoWriMo in their 1 month of writing. Helps you get structured and organized with your vast worlds. Please try it today! (project ended)

I Got Funded!

I got funded by a Downtown Las Vegas Project called The Mill. Every week they find an idea they want to micro-fund and it gets a boost. My idea is called Quillsong, it helps authors write their novels easier online on any device. ETA is June 1st!

The Mill – Quillsong

Bitcoin Donation Test

If you find this blog useful and interesting please donate some bitcoins to the QR code to the right. Your contribution is appreciated, thanks!

Bitcoin Mining Experiment

UPDATE 2013.12.30 = Bitcoin had reached 1200 per BTC, but I didnt sell at that price. I was able to sell 1 BTC for around $475 and managed to go higher than break even. I think I’ll stop mining BTC tho, cuz its useless at this difficulty. So luckily I made it out unscathed.

After April 2013’s sudden jump of BTC on MtGox, I’m sure everyone got more curious on how bitcoins work, including me! I didn’t want to wait for Butterfly Labs, so I bought 10 USB ASIC miners a few months ago, each around $30, it varies depending on the time you buy it. It’s getting less and less valuable and I don’t really expect to break even on this little experiment. At current pace it makes around $1 per day (0.01 BTC), so it will take 300 days for me to break around even, that is, if the price of BTC remains stable at around $100. My goal is to at minimum make a single BTC.

The picture below is an 12 port USB hub, unfortunately its power is not stable enough to support all 10 on the hub at the same time. At first I thought it was the fan on the hub causing the problem, but it was simply too many power hungry miners attached. I experimented that 5 could be supported with the fan, the other 5 I put in free USB ports on top and on back of the computer and so far it’s been running fine for about 2 months. I am around 1 month away from my goal of 1 BTC.

I don’t recommend trying this unless you have a lot of free money to throw away. Don’t expect anything back, consider this a fun project. On the downside you will have to leave a computer on forever, hopefully you can keep it away in a closet somewhere so it doesn’t annoy the hell out of you with all its fans whirring.

Appcelerator is an Install Nightmare!

UPDATE: A recent automatic update just got it working on my iMac, cool!

Objective-C is a nightmare, but so is Appcelerator, at least the installation process. Once you are past that it’s supposedly your multi-platform dream come true.

I tried Appcelerator a year ago, when I could not even get an app to compile on Windows for at least an hour I pretty much gave up. I’m sure many people would give up at this point, because you’re thinking if they can’t make this easy then is this how the rest of the experience is gonna be like? A year later, I’ve tried again with renewed conviction, this time I got it working on Windows fiddling with Java settings and environment variables for over a day. It finally worked I was so psyched. Then I fired it up on my Mac trying to get it to work on iOS Simulator, that alone took a few hours, but it worked, hallelujah! I’m now stuck on installing it to a device. Weird that I could not find any videos or information on how to do it. Right now when I try to “Install to iOS Device” it just gives a cryptic ERROR message and stops. I’m sure my certificates are working because I’ve built it with Corona SDK and XCode. I installed them again just in case. The error doesn’t even say that’s the problem, so who knows?

Appcelerator has great videos and docs. But it has one of the worst install experiences I’ve ever encountered, just getting it to work is hell on earth. Kitchen Sink NEVER just works, “Run” gets disabled when you first import the project. Hopefully I’ll get it to install on my iPad, I don’t know how many more hours of this I can tolerate 🙁