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Guess the Jar App

Join effort by Andrew Lee who programmed this in Unity and myself being the game designer. I thought of a simple game where you guess the marbles in a jar, and Andrew made it happen. Check it out!

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Google Play Store

Tactics 100 for Mobile Progress

I’ve been working on reviving my most popular game Tactics 100 in Unity 3D for mobile devices. I was also thinking of kickstarting it, but I don’t know the interest. The multiplayer recently got turned off because I had to sell the website and it’s just an old game with less people playing over time. I started the sketching and 3D art with my own funds a few months ago and started learning Unity. I recently got side-tracked when the Apple Watch came out to work on an app for that platform since it was new and exciting. Hopefully when that watch app is approved by Apple it can some make extra income. But now that I’m done with it I can put my focus back on Tactics. A 3D artist is working on the characters right now. For my part I organized sketches and started on the basic framework of the game. Hopefully I can finish it this year, if nothing else pops up. I might consider Kickstarting or Indiegogo, I have to learn what’s involved first. But if I could get more funding it would free up my time immensely.


I blurred the title because the name might change.


Some sketches prepared for the 3D artist to reference.


Basic framework, the characters were free and will not be used in the game.


Testing out elevated platforms.


The lord character sketch for the 3D artist.