I have been programming since I was a 13, making sprite based games on a Commodore 128. I now live and Las Vegas, occasionally stumble to the blackjack table on my free time. I latch onto other people’s bachelor parties. I love video games, but only those that can be played within 5-10 minutes, my favorite is Soul Calibur. Many times I program tirelessly at night then wake up as a zombie. My full time job is making online Flash video slot machines, only in Vegas of course. For my free time, I’m currently working on Flash and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) and hope to get somewhere with that.

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  1. Ravrasar says:

    I’ve been playing tactics 100 live (multiplayer, of course) for years now, on and off. It is the most addictive game I have ever played. so much so that in order to be productive I have blocked it using several browser tools and the hosts file :). It’s addictive Not just for me, it seems: there are people on the server who have played literally tens of thousands of times over the years: players who seem to treat the game like a full time job – you can always find them there for hours on end (at different times of the day, depending where they come from), and they are usually mean spirited, nasty and unfortunately very good at the game. I wonder if the game’s success with this small group of users is also a detriment to the game’s overall popularity and bringing in new players: no one wants to be the noob who will always lose to the player who has 7000 wins. I know “super users” are a big deal on social network sites, but I think it works the other way around in this case.
    In any event, sorry about the rant, but I would love to hear what you think.

    • T says:

      Thanks if all goes well I’m planning to release something like it for mobile this year.

      • tain says:

        I also enjoy Tactics 100 Live. Managed to get the .swf from gamebrew and enjoy playing it locally. Would love to donate to you but all I see is a bitcoin donate thingy and I don’t use bitcoins. Please provide a way to donate via paypal. And also release more versions of Tactics 100 Live 🙂

        • T says:

          Any donation is appreciated. The 3D models for Tactics are being built now. My Paypal is tony.suriyathep at gmail, thanks!

  2. Krxtwo says:

    I absolutely love tactics 100 live and would so much like it if it became an iPhone app. I think you’ve really got something golden here and if you made it available for the smartphone market you’d be well rewarded!

  3. T says:

    I would love to make it for mobile I think it would fit well. I’m already starting mobile, but unfortunately I don’t have the time or money to work on it. Hopefully I will someday!

  4. Sugan says:

    Are you doing any contract work? I am looking for a Corona Developer for a game. Thx.

  5. seraph trend says:

    Hi T, i have recently come across a very interesting game by the title of “Axiom Verge”. I saw a preview of it on a gaming magazine. It is a retro style 16 bit platformer. I really enjoy this kind of game, (more so in sense than modern games) and in my curiosity i began searching for more games like it. I meant to find modern games in a 16 bit format. you know with pixelated graphics, only with a modern feel in gameplay and action. So i came upon your matrix pandemonium game on gamebrew. I love it.
    Its quite good and addictive in game-play.
    I love the music and the simplicity of the action/controls and concept.

    My question for you is, i would like to know how long it takes to make a game like matrix pandemonium and what kind of programming knowledge is needed to make it. I wonder if you could include in your response a small guide on how to make a games like it. perhaps some direction for someone like myself who is new to programming and has a love for 16 bit platformers.
    Seraph Trend

  6. T says:

    @Sugan: I can’t do any Corona work right now.

    @Seraph: Thanks very much, many like that game the best. “Matrix Rampage” was my first Flash game. It requires 2D game design knowledge such as: platform games, sprites, collision detection. Unfortunately the only way to program is to do it every day or nite, 1-3 hours, stop watching so much TV, stop wasting hours hanging out, stop surfing on social networks, manage your time everyday. Definitely start with something really small, make a ball bouncing around the screen, keep adding to it and try new things to reach your goal. If you try to make an MMO you will get demotivated and quit. Be super realistic. Stick with that and you will easily become a game programmer. That’s the brutal truth, no specific super long answer I give will ever help you. You must really want to do it yourself, be motivated and research everything on the web or in books.

  7. Danielle says:

    Hi, Tony
    I was actually looking to see if LittleFiveGames needed an artist or writer; I wanted to send my portfolio link and resume.
    Danielle Williams

  8. napredator says:

    Hi T.Suriyathep, i just got done recording a run of matrix rampage and got a score of 66k! i know this isn’t very likely as its probably been over half a decade since you’ve touched matrix rampage but would you consider perhaps making a new version? just to fix some stuff, i’ve played the game on and off for roughly the past 8 years so i could tell you practically everything you’d need to know to make the game even better than it already is. if you could implement the smoother movement that was in the sequel even that would be fantastic. if for whatever reason you can’t then its no big deal because despite the few problems matrix rampage has i’m still going to have some intense fun with it.

    at some point i’ll make a tutorial on how to make it far and to show off some of the cool stuff that you can do (there is a lot), i’m sure that would encourage more people to play.

    seperate question, back when the high scores where still working i was not very good, i don’t suppose you would happen to remember what the highest score was?

    • T says:

      Congrats! This year I’m going to release 1 or 2 mobile games, so an update to Matrix Rampage isn’t going to happen. But have you tried playing “Matrix Pandemonium? That is the sequel. I don’t remember the high score, but I’m sure you got the highest if you’re an expert 🙂

  9. Hassane says:

    I’m a huge fan from France. By nostalgy I went to the tactics100 and I saw that the version 3.7 and 2015! So I came here and I read that you’ll perhaps do something for mobiles! Awesome! Will it be on android devices? Any update about the PC version? Because the server is still down. Thanks for this masterpiece, it’s missing me a lot.

    • T says:

      It will be on all devices using Unity 3D. It’s still early and I’m still working on other small projects that are getting in the way 🙁

  10. Callmeserg says:

    Bring back artillery live bud, played that game for hours on end, i miss it dearly, zwok was another upset bloc media abandoned. I hope you’re doing good man, thanks for all the memories.

  11. simon says:


    great meeting you at the hackathon!

    My presentation of a patient proximity health care data idea I read straight off a piece of paper. I knew it was bad form but I didn’t want to miss any important points as so many others had because of the 90 seconds. Everything went smooth until I could not connect my app to the proximity sensors, so I fumbled. But I got everything I wanted to say into it. Some of the presentations included a pillow that will detect when you are lonely, a lighted accelerometer violin, a drunkeness detector, a pilot sleepiness detector, a wrist band that will send you cute cat pictures and a teeth grinding detector. Many teams chose to go the firefighter/police route because there was a public safety sub-prize involved.

    The night of the final day of presentations was almost over, everyone became restless and was chatting away relentlessly. The teams who came up after me, maybe half the audience were listening. People of other competitions were having their finals and presenting it afterwards. There were many winners, many teams winning more than once. Prizes ranged from $25k, $10k and $5K with many more sub-prizes. I did not win anything, but I learned alot, and had an interesting time. I will though think twice before trying it again though, it was quite brutal. I’m going to get some sleep now …

    • T says:

      Thanks Simon, good to see you there again. I vowed never to participate again, but I got psyched when I won a small prize. I should have learned my lesson 🙂

  12. LtVague says:


    Is Rage of Magic II still available for PC?
    The only version I can find is the one being sold on the apple store.

  13. hassane says:

    I’m a fan of tactics100.
    Any info on the developement of the app?


    p.s: why Gamebrew can’t host server for online battle of tactics100? Thanks.

  14. Kemal says:

    Hello t.suriyathep,

    I love the game rage of magic 2 but I cant find it anywhere. Is it possible that I can have it? I would like to play it if I can. I played the game for 2 years from 2009.

  15. Kemal says:

    For pc.

  16. Erik Massey says:

    Hey i saw you were the developer for rage of magic 2
    one of the games i played when i was younger and enjoyed it quiet a bit. Have you ever considered making characters like the elves (ex. puck) playable?
    that would be pretty cool
    great game either way enjoy it quiet a bit
    thanks for making it!

    • T says:

      I hoped to make more but the game did not make enough for a sequel. I really enjoyed making it. There are cheat codes. But you can’t play as other characters during story mode.

      • Erik Massey says:

        have you ever considered doing rage of magic 3 as a side project?
        not something you would dedicated all your time to just one of those things you would work on when you feel like it.

        • T says:

          Making a game like ROM isn’t really a side project. It costs money for all the graphics, maybe $200-$500 per animated fighting sprite, then backgrounds. The game can cost more than $5000 plus the time it takes to code and design can be around 3-6 months. Unfortunately if a game doesn’t make enough, then there won’t be enough money for a sequel, and no reason to make a sequel. Time is also very important if you have a job or school you only have 1-5 hours a day, and have to do most of your coding at night. The game was a lot of fun to make though. I wish I could make a sequel, but I can’t 🙁

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