My Apple Watch App Coming Soon!

I bought the Apple Watch and I’m going to try one simple app and see if it goes anywhere. I’ve always missed the gold rush of apps for new devices coming from Apple, but this time I’m going to strike while the iron is hot. It’s coming very soon by April 24th when customers will get there hands on it. So most likely my app will be out, once I test it, a few days after. Let’s see what happens!

Apple Watch Disappointed and Optimistic!

September 9th there was “One More Thing…” and that was the iWatch or Apple Watch. A slightly bulbous device that comes in a variety metal, straps and faces. It was a great day for Apple to release a new product category for their company.

But for us consumers, it is a bit disappointing. It’s difficult to justify the $350+ watch when your phone is nearby, and the phone is supposedly required for the watch to function properly. Hopefully soon we will know what are its limits and what it can do without the phone nearby. If it can at least show the time while away that might be good enough for me as I step away from my desk.

In the future it will no doubt become slimmer and gain new features like a camera and phone. Then eventually it will become untethered from your phone, as was the iPhone to your computer. Only time will tell …

MechanicMe Mobile Invoicing Solution!


We are working on developing software for mobile mechanics and other invoicing software for a variety of other industries. Imagine creating and signing invoices right on your mobile phone as an app or web page? With mechanicme mechanics can create estimates and send invoices to their customers on the spot! With a vast database of vehicle data straight from the leading source, combined with invoicing you’ll save time and money. We are looking for trial users and mechanics interested in trying something new!

Rage of Magic II – On Sale Now!

It’s finally approved! One of my biggest part-time for-fun projects I worked on years ago in 2006. Completely designed and programmed by me. It took 2 years, $10k in art. Now re-released and available on the Mac Appstore! Rage of Magic II, an old-school adventure fighting brawler beatemup, great artwork and intricate story. The game was inspired by Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight with tons of extras like power-ups and supers. Please buy it today! šŸ™‚

Buy it at the Mac Appstore!
Click for a video tutorial.
Click for the official guidebook PDF.
Click for lots more videos.

Rage of Magic II to Mac Appstore!

I heard that Java is now being accepted to the Mac Appstore. So it sounds like a perfect opportunity to release one of my longest game projects ever. I was the sole programmer and game designer, all media was outsourced. 2 years part time, completely self-written 2D sprite framework, over $10K in media. It’s “Rage of Magic II” an old school brawler complete with lots of baddies and complex storyline. For the Mac it will have “featured full screen” mode, which basically means CMD + CTRL + F. According to my 10 minutes of App Store research brawlers are not doing well, but I’ll let it run for a year and see what happens. Gotta break even my $99 Mac Appstore license fee!